From Ljubljana it will take you about an hour of driving.

-Take the highway to Fernetti (Fernetiči) and countinue towards Venezia, go off the highway at the exit for Monfalcone (Tržič) and continue towards Gorizia (Gorica). In Jamiano (Jamlje) you cross the frontier and come to Brestovica. From there there is only one kilometer of steep road and you will get to Sela na Krasu.
-Go off the highway in Sežana, drive to Dutovlje to Komen and then towards Vojščica, from where there is 4 km to Sela na Krasu.
-On the highway from Ljubljana across Vipava valley to Šempeter pri Gorici and then continue by local road to Miren, Opatje selo and after 2 km follow the signpost and turn right towards Hudi log, Korita, Sela na Krasu.

It will not be difficult to find us in Sela na Krasu. We are on the edge of the plateau. When you see the sea, find the house number 49A next to the road.

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